Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dengar Lagu Online di Nasyid FM

Nasyid Fm [dengar lagu online]

NasyidFM Media Network or better known as NasyidFM is a company founded in 31 November 2006 and registered in Malaysia dedicated towards community services. It is Information & Technology (IT) based company aiming towards a better solution of internet radio broadcasting.

Our main aim is a community service through free radio nasyid broadcasting on,, or whereby people from all over the world may have a pleasure of listening to a various genre of nasyid. Based on wikipedia, Nasheed is an Islamic-oriented song. Traditionally, it is sung a cappella, accompanied only by a daff. This musical style is used because many Muslim scholars interpret Islam as prohibiting the use of musical instruments except for some basic percussion. Many people admire the purity and simplicity of the music.
Objective :
1. Promote nasyid through our internet broadcasting radio that can be viewed through
2. Use nasyid to promote unity that needed to strengthen our faith towards facing many challenges.
3. Stirred local and international music industry with nasyid kind of tunes, giving listeners an alternative music.


Listen To Nasyid Fm Here 

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